Sand Casting 101

This is a six-week course to teach students the basics of hot casting from the furnace into sand. Students will learn to work with basic relief molds using Styrofoam and plaster positives. The immediacy of this process will be stressed allowing the work to be expressive without the burden of technique. Students should be able to walk away with a completed sculpture.

Additionally, students will learn the safety and team aspects of hot casting. Basic materials, process and safety will be covered. Throughout the course we will address the basics of cold working and how to consider this when designing. The last day of the class will be focused on the potential of presentation and brief critique.

Students should come with scale drawings of ideas for work they would like to make. Students are encouraged to bring found objects with them for inspiration or reproduction. The sample positives should be made from nonporous materials and no larger than 12” x 12” x 4’.

This is a hands-on-class. Students will learn the process from start to finish, including the preparation of objects, preparation of sand and materials and ladling of glass.

Students of all experience should apply. No experience is necessary.

Sand Casting 101
Sand Casting 101
Wed 2/28/18-4/4/18, 6 weeks
6:00 - 9:00 PM